you choose a service 

  1. the little things - we will take care of all the tedious things that most people dread, we can do everything from personal errands to cat petting.

  2. the big things - as much as we love handling all the little things, we can pretty much do it all from planning vacations to supporting the needs of a small business or just a busy lazy person.

  3. everything - if you really want, we would happily take care of everything. especially all the things you absolutely dislike doing.

we connect 

  1. we meet in person or chat on the phone and get to know each other

  2. we discuss services, expectations, and goals

we decide 

  1. we decide if we are a good match

  2. we choose a team member(s)

  3. we come to an mutual arrangement on duration, services and final cost

we begin

         we begin taking care of all the things, so you can focus on what matters; living your best life. 


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