It all started one day when…

i was full of self doubt.

one of my best friends was trying to help me see all the successful things i had accomplished. she went on and listed things like:

  • the team i had built and lead at work

  • a continuously growing department

  • my personal website

  • building websites for friends

  • helping other small businesses

  • my secret blog

  • my plain old self, and the impact i have had on my friend's lives .

that last point was what hit home.

serious, but with a jesting tone, i asked her if she thought people would pay me to be their friend.

she said YES (probably because she is already my friend). i knew that paying for a friend would be a hard concept to sell to most people. i would have to be a pretty freaking awesome friend.

“how can i spin this idea into something easier to understand, and into something that people may actually want or need?”

a light bulb went off, i couldn't believe i hadn't thought of this sooner.

a week later - "friends with benefits" became the theme for my project- the little things

this is me finally taking a leap of faith, actually chasing one of my crazy ideas and dragging anyone who wants to come along for the ride with me (at this point it's only kass who is crazy or smart enough to follow me).

i am combining one of my weird career aspirations of becoming a "personal assistant" and my dream of starting my own business with my vision of creating a community of like-minded people.

this is not just another service type business, where transactions are being exchanged. we want everyone to feel part of the team and we actually want to become friends and build connections. we want to utilize our strengths and experiences to help others live their best life.

for as long as i can remember, i had always said that life is all about the little things.

trust us with the little things (and maybe the big things too).

focus on what matters; living your best life.


we can't, won't and claim to be the best and the experts in everything but our guarantee to you is that we will connect you with the best or expert if needed.