Take a break from the hustle and bustle.


the little things

we will take care of  all the tedious things that most people dread, we can do everything from personal errands to cat petting. 

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personal errands
pet sitting
house sitting

basic financial management
resume & cover letter
linkedIn review & update
job search

organizing and scheduling
booking travel

the big things

as much as we love handling all the little things, we can pretty much do it all from planning vacations to supporting the needs of a small business or just a busy person.

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business plans
business/operations manual creation
template and business process analysis & creation
microsoft office suite & tech support
email & schedule management
database creation & management
proposals and report creation and preparation
business strategy and consulting
book keeping
market & product research


website; design, creation and maintenance
email marketing
social media creation and integration
marketing & communication
brand and logo development
basic graphic design
editing and formatting


business travel
scheduling and organizing calendar
registration management
full event planning, budget & promotion
event on-site coordination

Human Resources

creation & job posting
creating and revising job profiles
resume screening
interview scheduling & preparation
client on boarding support
employee handbooks
creating training manuals


if you really want, we would happily take care of everything. especially all the things you absolutely dislike doing.   

don't see something on the list? connect with us, we might just be able to do it. 

Your best life is waiting. 

we can't, won't and claim to be the best and the experts in everything but our guarantee to you is that we will connect you with the best or expert if needed.